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Split System Air Conditioning: How to Size Your Room?

Walking inside an air-conditioned room during the blistering summer days is a relief. After all, the refreshing and cool air rejuvenates your mind and promotes work productivity. So, whether you want to replace your old AC or buy a new one, finding the right size for your room is imperative. On that note, let’s find out the best way to maximize your room’s space before installing a Daikin Split System HVAC.

The Importance of Calculating the Right Air Conditioner Size

A split AC has replaced older air conditioning variants because of the silent operation. Since it eliminates the need for window frames, installing it becomes easier. The separate compressor and AC unit further increase its lifespan.

However, units that are too small need more time for cooling. In the long run, it may also damage the compressor, resulting in the system’s early wear and tear.

If your older variant takes time to cool or you are confused about buying an AC for the first time, calculating the right AC size may solve this issue. How do you calculate the Daikin air conditioner size? The following are the most effective ways:

Measuring Room Dimensions

When buying a split AC unit, your room’s square footage is a significant determining factor. Calculate your room’s width and length to get the square footage figure. Multiply the length with the width to understand the square footage.

I’m not sure whether you have a rectangular or square room. Don’t worry; measure the room at its longest point and round up to its nearest foot. You can divide rooms with angled walls into rectangular sections.

After this, calculate every corner of your room separately to add the figure. If your room has high ceilings, all you need is to multiply the square foot by its height. Divide the figure by the total feet of the ceiling to understand how much cooling is required in the Daikin AC unit.

Determining Cooling Capacity

A newbie might often need clarification about the AC size, thinking that the unit’s physical size matters the most. However, the cooling capacity depends on the AC unit’s size, not its physical size. So, you need the square footage to measure the cooling capacity. The cooling capacity of an AC is determined using British Thermal Units (BTU).

However, other parameters that determine the cooling capacity include the following:

  • Number of windows inside the room
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Weather conditions
  • Insulation levels

Climate and Region Considerations

An AC with quality filtration can improve Indoor air quality (IAQ). However, the region and its climatic conditions may drastically impact its cooling. For instance, extremely humid and hot areas may need more BTUs than areas with moderate weather conditions. So, if you reside in a Canadian region that witnesses hot and humid summers, look for an aircon with enough cooling capacity.

Are you planning to buy a centralized aircon unit? A Daikin aircon lets customers group specified rooms within a specific zone. The brand refers to it as Zone Control. This feature enables you to target the specific rooms you wish to cool in a zone. So you don’t have to run the whole system in the house.

Sunlight Exposure

The Vitamin D you get from the sunlight is highly beneficial for your health. However, during summer, extreme exposure to sunlight may be dangerous. Similarly, assessing how much sunlight penetrates inside your room is essential for finding the AC unit size.

If your room has more than one window and excessive sun exposure, you may need a bigger Daikin Split System for cooling. In such cases, the air conditioner needs more power to cool the room. Rooms with large windows and skylights receive direct sun, so they also need a bigger AC unit.

If your calculations suggest a large capacity, consider getting two smaller units to cool different zones separately. This allows for better temperature control while preventing cool air from being wasted in unoccupied areas.

After making the aircon unit calculations depending on the climate, room size, and sunlight exposure, you can select a first-rated AC. You can look for Daikin’s inverter AC units that improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills.

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