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AC Maintenance Checklist

Checklist for Maintaining Your Goodman Air Conditioner

What is your home comfort must-have? Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning help maintain a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment. Your central air conditioner ensures that your living space is filled with cool and refreshing air when the days are hottest. 

People should maintain their HVAC systems to maximize cooling performance, energy efficiency, and air quality. Comfort Connections, based in Canada, is a leading HVAC provider offering a wide range of heating, cooling, and air conditioner services. 

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is needed to ensure that any system works well. Goodman cooling systems have benefits beyond performance. A well-maintained Goodman unit will run smoothly, have a low breakdown rate, and have the most excellent SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), proving its energy efficiency. Understanding seer rating more.

Comfort Connections’ professionals will help you build a customized maintenance plan to maintain your Goodman cooling system well. Check out the checklist for a better home air quality experience.

Change the Air Filters

Air filter replacement is integral to Goodman air conditioner maintenance. These filters trap dust, trash, and other airborne particles, ensuring clean, fresh air throughout your home. 

These filters can clog over time, making your indoor AC unit work harder and less efficiently. The experts suggest changing filters every 2-3 months. Replacing air filters will improve your air conditioning system’s performance and longevity.

Filters Change

Is your air filter strong enough? Air conditioning systems work best and last longer with clean and fresh air filters. Tiny airborne impurities like dust and debris on your heating unit filters can block air movement, making the machine work more tirelessly and reducing efficiency.


A Clean AC is a Happy AC. An air conditioner unit needs regular cleaning to stay in good condition. Clear dirt, leaves, and debris around the exterior condenser unit can block the air passage. Airflow is crucial for cooling properly. You should regularly check and service the evaporator circuit and condenser outflow. Clearing these components prevents obstructions and water damage, which can be costly. 

Call the professionals for a new HVAC installation if your central AC needs a deeper cleaning. Comfort Connections HVAC technicians can deep clean. We’ll rigorously clean every part of your Goodman split system to maximize efficiency. 

Lubricating Moving Parts

Maintaining your split system goes beyond changing air filters and cleaning coils. Lubricating the system’s moving elements is important, but sometimes, it needs to be a forgotten HVAC maintenance task. The blower motor and fan bearings work hard to circulate cold air throughout your home. Non-lubricated parts wear out sooner and perform less efficiently.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions and using the recommended lubricants can extend the life of these critical components. Lubrication keeps your Goodman split system functioning smoothly and effectively.

Inspect the Refrigerant Lines

Low refrigerant levels damage your AC system and affect its effectiveness. Goodman AC units must work properly to maintain the correct temperature if there is a refrigerant leak, which can cause high energy costs and system failure.

With Comfort Companions, you can relax knowing your Goodman AC unit is safe. We’ll check for wear and tear and fix any problems immediately to keep your cooling system running smoothly all season.

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Maintenance of your air conditioner offers several benefits. Here are some of the most important ones:

Save Money

Air conditioning costs are essential when managing home budgets. What if fixing your Goodman HVAC system could significantly reduce your power bills?

Think about it—a well-functioning HVAC unit consumes less power to keep your home pleasant, lowering your monthly energy bill. An expertly maintained Goodman cooling system offers unmatched comfort and savings.

Better Air Quality

You do shopping without compromising quality. Yes, right? So why compromise the air you breathe? Nobody likes to live inside a humid, dusty place. Cleaning and replacing AC filters removes dust, allergens, and other contaminants that could harm your respiratory health. Air filters free from dust let you breathe deeply without allergies or lung inflammation.

At Comfort Connections, we have factory-trained experts who can install or tune up your Goodman AC unit. They will optimize your system to provide clean, healthy air for your household. Comfort Connections will help you breathe better at home, benefiting your lungs and family.


Keeping up with your air conditioner can be challenging. Our professionals will handle everything here at Comfort Connections. As your trusted HVAC partners, we have the skills and knowledge to optimize your heating and cooling systemsWith over 20 years of experience, our friendly, factory-trained experts know how to keep your home or workplace comfortable in all weather. Follow our simple maintenance checklist to improve indoor air quality. We offer one-stop heating, ventilation, and air conditioner services in Canada. 

Comfort Connections Canada is passionate about what we do and dedicated to consistently providing excellent service. So you can trust us with your Goodman AC unit.

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