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A collection of Aspen Condensate Pumps

Aspen Condensate Pumps Price Raise

Due to increased cost Aspen Condensate pumps will increase in price in October. Mini pumps operate on a float switch mechanism which detects the presence of water in the drain pan, activating the pump. Aspen offers the most complete and high-performance range of mini pumps in the world. Mini Blanc/White   Aspen offers the Mini Blanc/White which is designed to…

Daikin 17 Series

Daikin 17 Series To Remain Same Price

Daikin and Goodman both announced that due to increased costs they found it necessary to raise prices effective August 1st. Great news for anybody interested in the Daikin 17 Series is it will remain the same price. For anyone looking for a comfort cooling unit with a 10 years parts extended warranty they can purchase the 17 Series. The 17…