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Daikin and Goodman do more than just residential products. What we are presenting here today is a recent example of how Daikin can also equip your clients with commercial size equipment. Daikin was asked to provide equipment for a large sports facility that is used mostly as two sets of indoor tennis courts. What was provided was two units that were able to provide 25 tons of cooling for each unit.

The design that was used was a side discharge due to where the units were being placed on the premises. Once the design elements were agreed upon, a cement pad was poured for each unit to sit on.

The units were picked up at the warehouse and delivered to site. Note the insulation in the curbs below:

Insulation Curbs

Next, the curbs and units had to be lifted in place at the job site:

An image of a crane removing a massive insulation curbs
An image of a crane landing a massive insulation curbs

Unit looks great in place and not the rest of the ductwork, electrical and the economizer will need to be put into place and completed:

A large industrial air conditioner on a concrete slab, providing efficient cooling for industrial spaces.

Note the completed ductwork:

Air conditioning units installed outside a building

Note the installed economizer and electrical:

A large industrial air conditioner in front of a building, providing cooling and ventilation.

Next are the photos of the work inside the facility. It was best to use a diffusing “sock” to get the best airflow throughout the whole building:

A ceiling-mounted metal exhaust fan in a building.
A tennis court with a white ceiling.

The end result? Very happy customers with how these units are performing on even the warmest of days. All the consulting work and pre-planning with the installation team made this a very smooth install and as you are aware, happy clients are the best clients!

If you need commercial products such as this, please contact us or give us a call and we can help with your design and recommend the proper products for you.