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Lifebreath Air Handler

AH-Air Handler

Lifebreath Air Handler

Lifebreath hydrolic air handler is different from most type of traditional heating furnace. Its hydroliaclly heated air is uniform and temperate, which eliminates short blast of hot and cold air. The air flow will not feel as hot to the touch as most conventional furnace heaters. You will have ample supply of hot water due to high efficiency of natural gas or oil hot water heater/boiler.
  • High efficiency, optional ECM motor – provides maximum energy efficiency and resulting utility savings.
  • Add-on cooling capacity – 2 to 4 tons.
  • Heating output 25,000 to 110,000 BTUH.
  • 3 speed direct drive blower motor.
  • Aircom electronics with additional relays for interlocking external devices (boiler, humidifier, etc.)
  • Upflow or downflow configurations available.
  • Includes circulation pump.

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