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Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace

CAF-Clean Air Furnace

Lifebreath Clean Air Furnaces

Clean air furnace is an integrated air handling system that combines a hydrolic air handler and heat recovery ventilator in one. The Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace uses hot water (from a domestic water heater or boiler) as its heat source, to warm the air before distributing it.  Water is pumped from your home water heater or boiler to the furnace heating coil.  A fan with a PSC or ECM high-efficiency motor blows the fresh air from the Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) into the heating coil where the circulating water warms the air. Water leaves the heater, travels through the hot water circulation pump, and returns to the water heater or boiler. As the water travels through the furnace’s heating coil, air is warmed and sent throughout the house.  This efficient system provides a steady stream of uniform, temperate air that is more comfortable than conventionally heated air.

Cost efficient

  • Designed to minimized fuel consumption.
  •  With a high efficiency water heater or boiler clean air furnace reaches 90% combined annual rating.


  •  No gas fumes or fuel gasses emissions because domestic water heaters is the sole heat source.


  • A premium quality circulator pump, high-capacity heating coil and single 4-speed fan motor for all air handling functions make for quiet operation.


  • The clean air furnace is designed to have low maintenance.  The pleated furnace filter should be checked regularly and be replaced as needed.  The HRV core should be washed only twice a year.  This system is made to be simple and easy.


  • You will have complete environmental control whole year through and all of those can be controlled by a single thermostat.

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