Daikin Ductless 3 Major Solutions For Your Home Heating And Cooling Essentials!


With a capacity to heat, cool and dehumidify up to eight rooms, each unit having unique qualities, Daikin AC provides 3 solutions for your home heating and cooling essentials with concern to your utmost comfort.


With the largest number of indoor options for heating and cooling, VRVIII-S is perfect for residential and light commercial with limited spaces. The sleek compact outdoor design (12 5/8”) unit takes minimal amount of space which makes it easier to install and reduce duct works to blend in with in with the environmental design. With the soundless structure, this unit guarantees unfailing comfort, energy saving and lowering the operating cost.


Daikin’s all-in-one, all year round heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply solution.
The Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump is a durable energy system that transforms unutilized and inexhaustible energy from the outside air into usable heat. Daikin Altherma is best combined with low temperature heating systems and aims to achieve optimal comfort. Morover, Daikin Altherma is easy to install.
Daikin Altherma is an innovative system that heats, produces domestic hot water and can even cool spaces. Daikin Altherma offers your customer maximum comfort the whole year through. These heat pumps are also an interesting alternative for classic gas or fuel oil heating as they offer your customers unique benefits:

  • They use renewable energy sources (such as outside air)
  • They deliver considerable savings in energy
  • They deliver a significant contribution in the fight against CO2 emissions
  • They can provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water

The air-to water heat pump from Daikin uses a sustainable energy source. In fact, it extracts heat from the outside air. The system consists of a closed circuit containing R-410A refrigerant. A thermodynamic cycle is created through evaporation, condensation, compression and expansion. A heat pump “pumps” heat from a low to a high temperature level. The heat raised is transferred to the water distribution system (under floor heating, low temperature radiators and/or fan coil units) in the home via a heat exchanger.
Depending on the model and the conditions, a Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump delivers between 3 and 5 kWh of usable heat for every 1 kWh of electricity it uses. That’s a great ratio from 3:1 – 5:1!

DAIKIN FDXS Slim Duct built-In Concealed Unit

Slim design, only 7 7/8″ in height, rear or bottom return, mold proof washable resin filter included, External Static Pressure is field selectable from 0.04″ to 0.12″ wg, available in 9M, 12M, 15M and 18M Btu/H models.
Daikin FDXS slim duct built-in concealed provides quiet comfort for hotels and motels and is the perfect solution for residential room zoning.