IStale air indoors cause poor air quality and potential health hazards. Lifebreath indoor air system developed a product that can filter and clean polluted air to give off fresh clean air. They had designed a ventilation that is both compact and stylish, electrically powered, and can be placed indoors without compromising interior integrity. The system draws contaminated air inside the house to outdoors while returning energy thus reducing energy cost.
Two air steams pass through the unit and pass on the either side of the patented aluminium heat exchange (HRV) or Entahlpic (ERV) cores which transfers cooling/heating energy from the flowing air. During hot seasons, the system reverse its process turning heat from indoors and transferring them outdoors or vice versa. Lifebreath unique dual stream system air flow design repeatedly rejuvenates air up to eight times a day keeping a cleaner and fresh air indoors all day long.
The system creates a balanced ventilation that is critical to prevent moisture build-up which prevents rust, rot and moulds.

  • Only Lifebreath has a patented aluminum core, we offer a lifetime warranty.
  • Lifebreath offers the only five speed HRV and ERV available
  • All MAX series HRV products (and all Lifebreath ERV products) include a Digital Wall Control, enabling homeowners to customize ventilation specific to their family
  • For over 25 years, all Lifebreath products have been proudly manufactured to a worldwide customer base from our ISO 9001 registered plant in Ontario Canada.
  • MAX SeriesHRVs/ERVs are the only five speed ventilation units available. The MAX Series is most popular with consumers and builders alike for both new and retrofit construction. Plus, MAX Series products include a digital wall control at no extra charge.

    RNC SeriesHRVs offer the same technology and warranty as MAX, but with two speed operation, and allow customers to select the wall control of their choice. All RNC products are backed by the same warranty as MAX series, including lifetime coverage on the patented aluminium core.