Get warm with a traditional enclosed or stylish “fireplace-look’ heater. The non-electric Vented Hearth Heaters work at maximum efficiency with minimal fuel consumption. Burners have been programmed for quiet ignition and operation so noise levels are very minimal ensuring your total comfort. Improved heat circulation is also assured with its louvered-top design and front grille. The fireplace model has factory installed ceramic fiber logs, adding the realistic look of the fireplace.

Vented Hearth Heaters

      Design Features

    1. No electricity required.
    2. Burners engineered for quiet ignition and
      maximum heat efficiency.
    3. Louvered-top design and front grille for
      improved heat circulation.
    4. Factory-installed ceramic fibber logs (fireplace
    5. Natural and propane gas models (Conversion
      kit available).
    6. “Matchless” pilot igniters.
    7. Automatic temperature and safety controls.
    8. Resettable vent-limit safety switch.
    9. Thermostat included, may be wall-mounted or cabinet mounted.

Other features include, matchless pilot igniter, automatic temperature and safety controls, resettable vent-limit safety switch and thermostat. These heaters may be wall- mounted or cabinet-mounted. And because they do not require electricity these heaters are great for power outages. Accessories available for these models are: vent collars, floorboards, blowers, and conversion kits.