Daikin SkyAir System Provides A Perfect Solution For Any Type Of Your Commercial Cooling And Heating Needs!

Some of the main products of Daikin SkyAir

FAQ/FTXS Wall Mounted Indoor Units

The wall mounted units provide a heating and cooling solution that blends in discreetly with any commercial space or home design and run quietly too. The system can be installed in a single day of work: the installation is facilitated by an integrated mounting plate and only a 3″ opening through the wall is necessary to run the copper piping and wiring. Automated louvers distribute an equal flow of air throughout the space efficiently to deliver absolute comfort to workers and customers.

  • Power air flow dual flaps and auto swing louvers
  • Standard wireless controller (FTXS, optional with FAQ)
  • Optional condensate pump

FTXS Features

  • Quick warming function
  • Wide angle louvers
  • Titanium Apitite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter
  • 3-D airflow and comfort airflow modes
  • Powerful mode can be selected for rapid cooling and/or heating
  • Intelligent Eye – occupancy sensor

FCQ 4-Way Ceiling Mounted Cassette Units

An attractive solution for customized comfort, the FCQ fits virtually flush into false ceilings, leaving maximum floor and wall space for furniture, decorations and fittings. Quiet and energy efficient, it features adjustable airflow distribution for ceiling heights up to 13.8 ft. without loss of capacity.

  • Draft prevention and ceiling stain prevention technology
  • Choice of eight airflow distribution patterns for individual comfort
  • Integration of outside air possible using knock out provided
  • Flexible installation
  • Optional flap shutoff allows easy installation in corners
  • Standard built-in condensation pump (lift up to 21 in.)
  • Optional wireless controller

FHQ Ceiling Suspended Units

Ideal for rooms without false ceilings, the unit installs directly against the ceiling. Designed for maximum efficiency all around, the FHQ delivers consistent heating and cooling comfort in rooms up to 12.5 ft. ceiling heights without loss of capacity.

  • Auto-swing capability with 100° airflow pattern
  • Quietly distributes airflow in all directions
  • Lateral servicing space allows installation in corners, narrow spaces, walls and ceilings
  • Concealed piping enhances decor
  • Optional wireless controller
  • Optional condensate pump

RZQ/RXS Outdoor Units

Inside SkyAir’s space-saving design is a powerhouse with the capacity to meet most light commercial applications. Daikin’s inverter technology combines precise temperature control and superior energy efficiency with quiet operation.

  • Available from 18,000 Btu/h to 42,000 Btu/h
  • Low temperature cooling operation possible (0°F)
  • Up to 230 ft. piping length allows flexible placement of indoor unit
  • Maximum height separation of up to 164 ft.
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities provide added reliability
  • Pair with either FAQ, FTXS, FCQ, or FHQ indoor ceiling units
  • Possible to mount on wall brackets