A fast and economical way of heating up your home is possible through the Monterey Home Furnaces. These furnaces also work great in apartments, schools, cabins and shops. These easy to install furnaces are money savers in more ways than one: they do not require electricity to operate; heat rooms individually allowing you to save money on fuel costs; they minimize heat loss and come with optional blowers to further boost efficiency.

      Design Features

    1. No electricity required.
    2. “Matchless” pilot igniters.
    3. Easy installation.
    4. Patented, side-relief opening draft hood design reduces flue gas temperature to minimize normal heat loss.
    5. Natural and propane gas models (Conversion kits available).
    6. Automatic temperature and safety control.
    7. Resettable vent-limit safety switch.
    8. Thermostat included, may be wall-mounted or cabinet-mounted.

Monterey Home Furnaces come in chic designs and are either wall-mounted or cabinet-mounted. They produce 25,000 and 35,000 Btu models. The Dual Wall Top Vent model, meanwhile, produces 50,000 Btu/hr and can be installed in the wall to heat two adjacent rooms at 25,000 Btu/hr on each side. This is made possible through its patented side-relief draft hood openings. Another model, the Fireplace-in-a-Furnace, combines the elegance of a traditional fireplace with the comfort of a modern gas heater that emits 32,000 Btu/hr. Both can be used as a natural or propane gas furnace. Conversion kits are available for all models. To ensure your safety, these models have automatic temperature and safety controls. And for added comfort and convenience these furnaces also offer optional remote controls, wireless thermostats and digital thermostats.