How Daikin Ductless Has Revolutionized Cooling And Heating Systems!

Although we do not sell directly to the public, we take an integrated approach to selling our products. We help our dealers every step of the way, from specifying the right product for each end user, right through to troubleshooting all problems that might occur. We work to ensure that each end user gets the product that meets their specific needs and they are happy with the installation and operation of the product. We have been in business since 1990 and with a combined experience of over 50 years, we can solve any problem you might be faced with.
Comfort Connections focuses on “green” products. We are always looking for manufacturers of leading edge technology and strive for extraordinary relationships with both customers and suppliers so there is always a successful transition during the sales process. Building owners and managers are constantly looking for better solutions to the growing demand for products that support “green building and sustainable operations” solutions and how energy is managed in both residential and commercial settings. VRV, Variable Refrigerant Volume systems, continue to become popular as more building owners prefer this technology over the conventional type products to preserve the environment.
These systems are suited for new buildings, renovations, and even the restoration of old buildings. They are compact and stylish in design, smart and innovative, and do not hinder interior and architectural integrity in both buildings and the environment. It saves energy and space, thus cutting the operation cost.
In Canada, the construction industry is being transformed by the green building movement. Property management companies also incorporate green as a key part in developing, renovating and managing buildings. HVAC systems for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which use no ozone depleting refrigerants and which filter the air that goes in and out of the building is increasing in demand. Several green certifications such as LEED and BOMA Best now exist as it leans towards greener buildings that are low in energy cost but high in efficiency in both residential and commercial settings.
One of these products is the Daikin Altherma, a ground breaking solution that combines an outdoor heat pump with inverter compressor technology for in floor hydronic heating, air conditioning and portable hot water in a single system for your comfort. Using an air to water heat pump system that extracts heat from the outside air even when it’s below zero to process renewable energy that will continuously provide heating and cooling all year round. A solar kit option can be combined to boost heating to give you utmost comfort. Combining luxury with your interior needs, a system that is environmental friendly without compromising architectural integrity. Daikin delivers you an array of systems to provide maximum comfort for your residential and commercial needs.

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