Stay warm in style without hurting your pockets. Ideal for homes, offices, apartments and garages, High-Efficiency Direct-Vent furnaces come in 3 model series that are all low profile. Designed for maximum comfort to fit any space, you will also enjoy the sleek and trendy appearance of these products. This series allows you to save money in two ways: through its low-cost installation feature and its high-efficiency operation.  High-Efficiency Direct Vent furnaces are easy to install since all vent materials are already included in the product. The series has also been designed as wall mounts which maximizes the use of your floor space.

 Aspen Condensate Pumps

      Design Features

    1. Efficiency Ratings:
      – 7,400 Btu/hr. Series: 79%
      – 17,700 and 29,000 Btu/hr. Series: 82%
    2. Easy installation — all vent material included
    3. Attractive, durable fresh-white finish
    4. Natural and propane models.
    5. Unique wall-mount design frees up floor space.
    6. Small, low-profile vent size.
    7. Sealed-combustion safety technology uses no inside room air for operation.

Although this series is small in size, you can be assured of great comfort as 7,400 Btu/hour is produced from the Model 07435 and 17,700 and 29,000 Btu/hour is produced from Models 17735 and 29035, respectively. Despite its thermal power, the noise levels produced from these machines are minimal because of the built in whisper-quiet blower system in Models 17735 and 29035. Unique to Model 07435 is its capability to operate without electricity. This means that you will still be warm and comfortable even if there is a power outage! This series works without requiring inside air, a technology designed to ensure your safety.