It’s the sensible choice! The Forsaire Counterflow is your best choice for heating up to three rooms. The heaters in this series are available as freestanding or recessed. Their unique and primary feature is the counterflow blower system which gathers air in the ceiling and evenly distributes it at the floor area for an equalized temperature in the room. You can choose between electronic ignition and matchless ignition to start the system. Gas models come with electrical service cords and conversion kits are also available for both gas and propane. Thermostat is included in all models.

      Design Features

    1. Freestanding or recessed, Forsaire furnaces are ideal forhomes, apartments, offices, schools, cabins and many other applications.
    2. Counterflow blower system circulates ceiling-to-floor warm air.
    3. Choose from electronic ignition or “Matchless”ignition (gas-fired models).
    4. Multi-room heating with optional outlet kits –heat up to three rooms.
    5. Gas models equipped with a four-foot service cord.
    6. Natural and propane gas models (conversion kit available).
    7. Automatic temperature and safety controls
    8. Resettable vent-limit safety switch (top-vent models).
    9. Thermostat included.

If gas and propane is out of the question then the Electric Home Heater is the best choice for basements and room additions. This heater can bring comfort to up to 3 rooms by producing 31,400Btu/hr. This model is also thermostatically controlled. Another model, the Direct Vent Counterflow system uses outside air for combustion. You save on chimney costs because combustion is released outside the home through the wall. Vent materials are included in the system and all vent caps come with built in “Bird Guards”.
This system is great for garages. The Top Vent Counterflow, on the other hand, has a high capacity blower system that circulates warm air for your absolute comfort. This system is easy and inexpensive to install. Available accessories include rear and side outlets, front diffusing grilles, vents, finishing, conversion kits and hard wire adapter.