Amazingly powerful and compact modern designs! Direct Vent Furnaces are space savers yet they produce just the right amount of heat to keep you warm and comfortable. Williams engineers know how you value aesthetics, so these furnaces have been designed in soft-white, scratch resistant finish to blend in with any decor. Hard to ignore money saving features include: not requiring electricity, individually heats up rooms which saves you on fuel costs, low-cost installation, and durable ceramic-coated combustion chamber. They also come with an optional high capacity blower for added cost-efficiency.

Direct Vent Furnaces

      Design Features

    1. No electricity required
    2. “Matchless” pilot igniters
    3. Easy installation – all vent material included
    4. All vent caps include built-in “Bird Guard”
    5. Long-life, ceramic coated combustion chamber
    6. Heavy-duty, cast-iron burners
    7. Automatic temperature and safety controls
    8. Attractive, durable, soft-white, scratch-resistant finish blends with any décor
    9. Natural and propane gas models (Conversions kits available)
    10. Thermostat included, may be wall-mounted or cabinet mounted

Other convenient features include “matchless” pilot igniter, built in “Bird Guard” for vent caps, automatic temperature and safety controls and thermostat. These furnaces also have heavy duty cast iron burners and may be wall-mounted or cabinet-mounted. Direct Vent Furnaces are available in gas and propane and can produce heat from 14,000 Btu/hr to 30,000 Btu/hr. Conversion kits are available for all models. Models 1403622 and 1403621 are ideal for garages and workshops. Williams recommends Models 2203622, 2203621, 3003622 and 3003621 for larger spaces.