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How to Choose the Best AC System to Control Humidity – Ductless Does

Ductless Split Air Conditioning Systems for Toronto and Ontario

Ductless Split Air Conditioning Systems for Toronto and Ontario

Too much or too little humidity in our homes and work spaces can be problematic to our health and our homes. In Canada reduced air circulation indoors increases humidity levels and that impacts our health and houses in the long term if not addressed properly.

First we need some basic understanding about humidity and when is there too much or too little of it. Humidity is simply the amount of moisture in the air produced by:

  • you and your family members
  • your pets, if any
  • indoor plants, if any
  • activities like showering or bathing, cooking, laundry and dish washing add moisture to the air which create increased humidity levels.

On the home front, increased humidity levels causes window condensation, musty smells, molds, musty smells and static and sparks. In terms of adverse effects to the health, increased humidity contributes to breathing problems, chapped lips and alligator skin, and allergic reactions. Left unresolved it can cause persistent and long term health problems, never ending discomfort and can damage your house and furniture.

The good news is that humidity can be controlled! Acceptable levels of humidity in the home can be determined through a dehumidifier or by running a ductless air conditioner system.
When choosing an HVAC system that has a dehumidification component, consider the following features: complete control over heating and the capability of cleaning the air, both important features for comfort and health.

During high humidity levels, especially in the summer, rooms can feel very hot and muggy. Having complete control over an air conditioning unit prevents over cooling which results to huge energy savings. Humidity levels are controlled when cool dry air are mixed with warm air through a heat exchanger technology that is now available in Toronto air conditioners. Having full control over temperature settings is mostly beneficial for older people who have rheumatoid arthritis and cannot withstand the cold.

Meanwhile, air cleansing is important for older people, children and those with respiratory problems. A dehumidification system offered by Daikin Quaternity filters pollens, dust, allergens, and odors and breaks down air pollutants. Case studies have shown that the use of air filters in systems often results to fewer episodes of respiratory issues or less usage of inhalers.

It is also worth mentioning that the US and Canadian governments are giving rebates and grants to those who are switching to newer and more energy efficient ductless air conditioner systems. This is a crystal clear endorsement of the innovations taking place in the industry.

Controlling humidity levels in our homes enhances our comfort and is good for our health. We should ensure that our dehumidification system provides these features. In Ontario, the authorized distributor of Daikin Quaternity is Comfort Connections where we can learn more about innovative HVAC systems.

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